Some Problems Concerning Data File Reading and Composition Model Building in Lammps

Dear Users,
             I am using molecular dynamics to study the flow of polymer melts in flats.
             Now, I have some difficulties in modeling. I tried to read two data files using the read_data command, but there were always errors.

what *are* these errors. the LAMMPS manual gives a lot of details
about what one has to do and also what error messages mean. if there
are errors, chances are high, that you are not following the
requirements set forth in the manual.

             Details are as follows!
             figure1 is my final goal.
             figure 2 wall model is generated by wall. data file.
             figure 3 fluid model is generated by material studio softwore.
             all data file were attached.

.rar archives are unreadable for the majority of LAMMPS developers, as
this is an extremely uncommon packaging format on linux (unlike .zip
or .tar.gz) requiring special software.

I just came into contact with molecular dynamics soon, many of them are not very well understood.

if you are new to MD simulations, then you should not attempt a
project that requires advanced features of the software (using
multiple data files for LAMMPS definitely is an advanced feature).
also, you should find yourself a (local) tutor, that can help you
getting across beginner problems. you are not likely to receive a
detailed step-by-step guide from somebody here. at best you can
receive help for a specific step causing a specific error.