Some queried entries do not have E_above_hull defined

For the following entries: mp-7117, mp-29624, mp-532676, mp-673834, mp-768606, mp-1185707, mp-1096498, mp-755970, mp-1019551, mp-772668, mp-9479, mp-861906, mp-770884 no e_above_hull was returned.

Thanks for reporting @CompRhys, I’ve passed along the message to some other folks and started to look into it myself.

This type of issue is typically related to “sandboxing,” which is when we have embargoed data in our database that is not yet ready to be made public. In this case, these materials are lacking the public sandbox, meaning that they’re not showing energy above hull values publicly. However, it seems like these materials should be public and that this is an error in our build process somewhere and needs to be investigated.

Myself or one of my colleagues will update this thread when we have a resolution.

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