Some questions about ttm/mod

Hello teachers
I am doing a simulation of femtosecond laser ablation using lammps, and I am using the command ttm/mod. I would like to ask two questions.
Q1: In the parameter file of ttm/mod, what is the meaning and unit of “electron” in the parameters related to electron specific heat capacity?

Q2: What are the meanings of the two output values in the model provided in the built-in folder of lammps?

How about the charge of one electron?

Check the documentation:

These fixes compute 2 output quantities stored in a vector of length 2, which can be accessed by various output commands. The first quantity is the total energy of the electronic subsystem. The second quantity is the energy transferred from the electronic to the atomic subsystem on that timestep.

Thank you very much for your reply. I would like to ask by the way,
How to obtain electron temperature and lattice temperature, and observe the coupling between electron temperature and lattice temperature.

All what fix ttm/mod does and what information it provides is documented in the manual. How you get the information you want from that is essentially your problem or something that you have to discuss with an expert for using this method. If the data provided is not sufficient, then you would have to modify the C++ source code for your needs.

Does electron represent a charge in the specific heat capacity of electron? I don’t understand this, I think it represents the number of electrons. Could you please give me a detailed answer