Some script will run while some others won't run without any error message.

Hello everyone,

The version I have been using is LAMMPS-12Dec18. I compile it using Makefile.intel_cpu_intelmpi. I change some options in the make file and I attach it to this email.

I first want to relax the system at 300K. And it works fine. The slurm file and lammps script are attached.

Then I want to apply load on the relaxed sample. However, after setting Verlet run, it never runs. And there’s no error message at all. The job won’t finish either. The lammps script and the slurm file for submitting job are attached. (In the attached log, it shows that I cancel the job, but if I let it run, it won’t work either. )

I want to mention that our HPC just get updated. Before, both two lammps scripts can run normally. I would like to know if there is something wrong with my lammps scripts. Please advice.

Best regards,
Chang Liu

in.min_300K (3.56 KB)

log.lammps.loading (506 Bytes)

loading.slurm (699 Bytes)

in.tensile (3.15 KB)

log.loading (1.59 KB)

relax.slurm (694 Bytes)

Makefile.intel_cpu_intelmpi (3.44 KB)