SPH in lammps: dead links in doc, and boundary conditions

Dear Georg, Steve and all,

I am considering using SPH to investigate a low-Re hydrodynamics
problem with free surfaces.

When I tried to search lammps documentation, I noticed that all links
to sph/* pair styles are dead in the "Commands listed alphabetically"

I was also wondering on the treatment of boundary conditions (BC). I'm
searching the literature about that, but I would welcome any hint by
people with more experience on SPH and particularly on its lammps

Firstly, from the hydrodynamics point of view, is it possible to
impose perfect slip BC (no friction), no-slip BC (zero tangential
velocity), or partial slip BC (finite friction, v_slip = b d_n v, with
b the slip length) and in this case to control the slip length? What
hydrodynamic BC will typically impose stationary SPH particles?

Secondly, I was wondering about the treatment of liquid-gas and
liquid-solid surface tension, and consequently of the wetting contact
angle. Is there a simple way to control that within lammps
implementation of SPH?

Best regards,

I fixed the broken links.

I'll let Georg answer the Qs about SPH BCs and phase interfaces.