SRD particles

Could SRD particles just interact with big particles ?
If i want to have a wall in middle of simulation box that can interact with both SRD particles and big particles, what should i do?
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SRD particles do interact with big particles.
See the fix srd doc page.

Walls in LAMMPS are one-sided and used
as boundaries. I don't see why you would
want to put one in the middle of a simulation box.


I want to make a nanopore setup for simulation of polymer translocation through a nanopore. So i need to put a wall with a pore in its center in the middle of a simulation box and i want to use fix srd command for simulation of explicit fluid as a background solvent in the nanopore setup. I attached animation film from my nanopore setup that i simulated. I want to add solvent particles to this setup in order to take into account hydrodynamics interactions between the polymer and the fluid.
Could i use fix srd command for this?
Could srd particles interact with both monomers of a polymer as a big group and particles of wall?
Thank you for your help in advance;

Yes, you can use fix srd for a system with any kind of big
particles. Whether it makes sense and will capture the
physics of what you are interested in, is a question for the
SRD model, not for LAMMPS.