Standard Chemical Potential


where can you find the standard chemical potential of an element on the webseite?


Hi @Leo,

Our calculations are all at 0K, so they don’t have the entropic contributions necessary to compute a chemical potential at standard state (STP). For most solids, this contribution should be small and the 0K chemical potential is a good predictor.

The easiest way to get chemical potentials from the website is to make a phase-diagram for your system of interest, set that element to open and then find a chemical potential window that stabilizes the compounds you’re interested in.

We’ll add in being able to search for chemical potential windows explicitly to the new API and website we’re developing.

Thank you for the fast answer!
I need to know the chemical potential of pure lithium
If I create a phase diagram for a system from, for example, LiGaCl, I would have to specify Li as an open element. With this diagram, however, I never get pure lithium and therefore cannot read the chemical potential of Lithium like you described
How can I get this information?