Stop printing the output information to the screen of the terminal while using lammps

I am using lammps python module to calculate the single point energy of a molecule. Is there any command in the python module of lammps to stop generating the output to the screen of the terminal?

Hi @Utham_Suresh,

If you generate lammps instances using Python, I suggest you read the command-line options section of the manual and pass the arguments suiting your needs using the cmdargs= argument when instantiating a lammps object.

For example:

lmp = lammps(cmdargs=['-log', 'log.lammps']

Will instantiate the lammps object with the arguments -log log.lammps. More info in the dedicated section of the LAMMPS python module.

using ,

lmp = lammps(cmdargs=[‘-screen’, ‘none’]) solved the problem.

Thank you

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