Structure visualizer

I’m trying to visualize a simple structure, such as MgO and was wondering if is there a way to get the label on the atoms. Or even replicate the structure in xyz.

We use JSmol on our material detail pages for structure visualization. This library has a scripting language that can be used to customize display. We only provide a few options on our interface, but you can send commands to the viewer through the javascript console of your browser if you want. For example, to label all atoms with element symbols (screenflow for Google Chrome):

Material.materialViewer.applet._script("select all; label %e")

You may have to refresh a page with the javascript console open for this to work for you. Finally, a reference of default element colors is here, if that is sufficient for you.

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This online app will probably do. The app is capable of interpreting many popular structure data formats (e.g. cif, mol, sdf), visualize the structure, determine symmetry labels and export to several formats including xyz, Gaussian and VASP input.

An example of the summary page looks as following