Study of molecular beam epitaxy growth of monoclinic structure on Wurtzite sturatucre substrate by molecular dynamics simulation

I am trying to simulate growth epitaxy using the PAMBE system. Several papers related to my project have been studied. However, I was not able to fully understand the concept. I am not sure whether this particular growth structure could be simulated or not? I would appreciate any assistance you can provide.

Are you looking for a collaborator? Then you should clearly indicate this.

Otherwise it makes not much sense to publish such a generic question in a forum like this that is focused on a specific software (LAMMPS). What you are asking about should be a topic for discussion with your adviser/supervisor/mentor or collaborators. LAMMPS does have tools (e.g. fix deposit) to insert atoms or molecules into a simulation, but whether those are suitable for your specific needs cannot be predicted without insight into the specifics of your research topic and specifically knowing the applicable time and length scales.

I looked online for applicable codes, but I couldn’t find any that fit my particular needs.I would welcome any assistance or advice you could provide me on best practices or common methodologies for modeling thin films or heterostructures. I’m particularly curious about how to represent interactions between different material layers or at interfaces. (for example, InGaN on GaN).
Thank you for your time and attention

It is no surprise that you cannot find a ready to use, “do this, not that” kind of input and tutorial on the internet.

As I already mentioned, this kind of help and support you can only get from an adviser or experienced collaborator. What you are asking for basically to teach you how to do the specific kind of simulation you want to do. An online forum is not the right place for that.