Suitable material for non-corroding grill surface


Apologies in advance if this is not an appropriate forum, but as a non-scientist I have what I think is a materials science question. Is there a material (and if so, what material would it be) that would be suitable to use for a rust-proof gas or charcoal grill cooking surface?

I believe the necessary properties would be:

  1. rust- and corrosion-proof (or at least very highly resistant; I can imagine that “corrosion-PROOF” might be a very big word in materials science);
  2. durable enough to handle moderately rough handling (e.g., metal tools and implements, moderate to heavy scrubbing, etc.) and support a few pounds of material in a grill grate formation;
  3. food safe;
  4. heat resistant up to probably 700 or so degrees Farenheit;
  5. formable into some appropriately grate-like shape, whether by forging, casting, molding, or some other process.

Again, if this isn’t appropriate to this discussion community, my apologies and feel free to ignore/delete. However, if you know of any forum where this might be an appropriate discussion, I would appreciate if you could point me in the right direction.

Thank you.