Tar issues

Hey everyone,

I’m running KIM from nanoHUB and seeing issues with pulling down the KIM models. When I use curl, instead of the tarball I expect I just get an html error:

We're sorry, but something went wrong.

The administrators have been notified and will investigate.


Hi Sam,

Yes, we just made an update that, I'm afraid broke your code.

We have decided to only make *.txz files available and have stopped providing the *.tgz files.

If you can update you scripts to ask for a *.txz file, you should be back in business.

Hi Sam,

Sorry for the lack of advance warning on our part. I contacted Ben and Steve and things should be working again, at least if you use downloadkim.sh in your tools. Please let me know if you observe any further problems.


Great! All the tests I’ve tried are working.

Thanks for closing the communication loop with both of them.