Terminal is not showing any progress

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Hello everyone,
My lammps is running ok, but progress is not showing in my command terminal. I am using Lammps 22 Aug 2018 in RHEL operating system.

impossible to say without knowing anything specific about your calculation. should there be output? with the default thermo setting, there is no output to the screen until the run is done.


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When I am giving run by using lmp_serial then it is working fine, But if I am running lammps using lmp_mpi, then it is not responding. It was working fine one day before.
I tried to make lammps again, using make serial, and make mpi, it is working absolutely fine without any problem.

there was output in all cases, only that the output in the parallel case may be delayed, because for some reason, the mpirun command had switched to block-buffered mode instead of line buffered mode. i’ve seen this happen in some cases before with some MPI libraries. it usually takes a while until a 4k buffer block is filled…