Terms of use of materials project logo in figure of review article

We are currently writing a review on machine learning for catalysis and I would like to use the materialsproject logo within a figure to illustrate structure databases.

How are the terms and conditions of using the logo and would you be able to provide me with a current sample logo?

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Hi Verena,

We have a logos page on our wiki: https://wiki.materialsproject.org/Logos.

The logo with transparent background is perhaps the most flexible (click through for full resolution).

As long as you include a reference/link to “materialsproject.org” and your use does not imply endorsement of your work by us, you are good.

Thanks for asking,

Hi @Verena,

We also have this logo available:



Edit: ah, I see @dwinston already uploaded this to the wiki!

Thanks for updating the wikipage and sending over the logos.
I have already used the logo and the preprint of the publication is already online:

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Is it still alright to use the Material’s Project logo in a ToC image? The wiki link seems to have broken.