Tersoff vs Vashishta potential

Dear All,

I use Tersoff and Vashishta potentials which come with LAMMPS to describe interatomic interactions between Si and C.

A box including SiC is equilibrated under PBCs at room temperature. while using Tersoff potential, everything is fine, however, when i use Vashishta potential, atoms start flying. The point is that i use “exactly the same script” (except for the potential function) for both simulations.

I have attached two snapshots which show the situation.

I wonder if anybody can tell me why this happens, and if there is any solution for it.

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Anders can likely comment.


It would be helpful if you could provide an example that I can run to see the problem (potential files, script and data files). Hard to say what’s happening without more details.

Both potential don’t necessary work well with all SiC structures.