Text label with Simulation Cell parameters

I am loading data in the form of a LAMMPS dump file which includes parameters detailing the size of the simulation cell.

Is it possible to display this data in a “Text label” layer? How can I gain access to these variables?

Specifically, what I want to display is the strain, i.e., the first component of “Cell vector 2” divided by the second component of “Cell vector 2”. This value changes across frames, and I would like the label to reflect that.

Is that possible?

Yes, this is directly possible with the Python script viewport layer feature.

If you prefer to use a Text label viewport layer, you will need to create a so-called global attribute using a Python script modifier, e.g. like this:

def modify(frame: int, data: DataCollection):
    data.attributes["myattribute"] = data.cell[1][0]/data.cell[1][1]

That way, you will be able to reference this dynamic value in the text field of the Text label viewport layer in the following form: [myattribute]. You can of course change it to any name of your choice.
I have referenced a couple of articles from our user manual, which you might find helpful.

Ah, so both those options are PRO features?

Yes, it‘s not possible to achieve this in OVITO Basic.