The data[] block is empty

Dear community!
Maybe I am a newbie in database querying, but when I try to reproduce the output of the query just from the article on OPTIMADE in Scientific data, i.e“C”,“Si”,“Ge”,“Sn”,"Pb"
I get a response with empty data[] block - without any useful data as opposed to the output presented in the SI1 of the article.
Possibly, I’m doing something wrong?
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Hi @antonf86, there are some typos in the URL above (flter should be filter) and the quotes are being mangled by this forum, but I agree that even with the broader query ( HAS "C"), the data block is an empty list, indicating that there are no results for this filter.

You can verify that the filter is valid by changing “tcod” to “cod”, where there definitely are results to your query: HAS ANY "C", "Si", "Ge", "Sn", "Pb"

This might indicate that the TCOD database has a bug (paging @merkys), or is undergoing maintenance. Remember that OPTIMADE is just the format of the API, and does not make any guarantees about whether a given database should be working or have results all the time!

This definitely seems like a bug, as the data_returned field is non-zero. I have forwarded this on to the COD team.

Dear Matthew,
Thank you for your prompt answer!

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Looks like"C","Si","Ge","Sn","Pb" now works properly!

Yes, it works. Thank you!