The EDIFF in Elastic calculation

Dear all
I found the EDIFF in INCAR is very important for elastic constants calculation. I want to know the EDIFF is the same or not for all elastic constants calculations? If yes, what is that? If not, how to find it? And it is possible to download by script? Because can only download the EDIFF in INCAR for GGA NSCF uniform.

from pymatgen.ext.matproj import MPRester
import pymatgen.core as mg
import re
import pprint
import pandas as pd
mpr = MPRester(“2bDBKRTo6dotrM66oRLZ”)
a= mpr.get_doc(“mp-66”)
EDIFF = a[“input”][“incar”][“EDIFF”]
Best wishes.

Yes, we use the same EDIFF for all elastic calculations, which is 1e-6 by default. The elastic workflow is in atomate atomate/ at 43a347a0cfd7586526c22b00f11f0b18b8747d0a · hackingmaterials/atomate · GitHub, where you can find all calculation details. (
Below is a typical INCAR for an optimization task.)

Unfortunately, the elastic calculation details are not available from MPRester (correct me if I am wrong @mkhorton).

I want to check another thing. The EDIFF is 1e-6 by default for structure optimization before the elastic calculations?