The ScriptTask option of store_stderr not work

Dear FireWorks developers and community,

I’d like to store the entire standard error in the Firework Launch object’s stored_data. Here is my Firetask:

ft_vasp=ScriptTask.from_str(f"touch ./vasp.out;{vasp_code} ",\
    {"stdout_file":"./vasp.out" , "store_stderr":True})

The vasp running will report an error because I did not provide POSCAR. When I launch it, the output is correctly written to the vasp.out, however, lpad get_fws shows the stored_data contains only _stacktrace but no error reporting information:

"stored_data": {
                    "_message": "runtime error during task",
                    "_task": {
                        "stdout_file": "vasp.out",
                        "store_stderr": true,
                        "script": [
                            "touch ./vasp.error;touch ./vasp.out;module load mkl/latest\nmodule load mpi/latest\nmpirun /share/apps/vasp-cpu/bin/vasp_std "
                        "use_shell": true,
                        "_fw_name": "ScriptTask"
                    "_exception": {
                        "_stacktrace": "Traceback (most recent call last):\n  File \"/share/home/prome/anaconda3/envs/prome_20230306/lib/python3.9/site-packages/fireworks/core/\", line 261, in run\n    m_action = t.run_task(my_spec)\n  File \"/share/home/prome/anaconda3/envs/prome_20230306/lib/python3.9/site-packages/fireworks/user_objects/firetasks/\", line 38, in run_task\n    return self._run_task_internal(fw_spec, stdin)\n  File \"/share/home/prome/anaconda3/envs/prome_20230306/lib/python3.9/site-packages/fireworks/user_objects/firetasks/\", line 90, in _run_task_internal\n    raise RuntimeError(f\"ScriptTask fizzled! Return code: {returncodes}\")\nRuntimeError: ScriptTask fizzled! Return code: [24]\n",
                        "_details": null

Could you please give me some advice? I would greatly appreciate any help or examples you could provide.

Thank you very much,