The unit of SPIN package

Hi, I’m new to the SPIN package. I found the developer said the SPIN atom_style only support metal unit. Does this changed or will be developed in the future? I tried to use the LJ unit but lammps at least does not give an error or warning.


I think in here:[lammps-users] what is the unit of magnetic spin in LAMMPS ? - #2 by Germain
“Just one quick comment about the units: the SPIN package only works with metal units. My apologies for this limitation.”

With what input? … and what version of LAMMPS?

There is a limitation to “metal” units in the “spin/*” pair styles and that should create an error when metal units are not used.

I don’t think that there are any plans to add support for other unit settings. Given the application, it make very little sense to use reduced units in the first place.

Thank. I found the problem in version LAMMPS (21 Nov 2023). The error message only shows once I use pair_style spin/dipole/cut. The atom_style itself does not give me an error.

No it doesn’t and it is not supposed to. The atom style only provides the specific storage. Units settings are only relevant to pair styles, fixes, computes and commands.

Thanks for clarification