The use error of EMC on windows

I download the latest version that emc_win32_v9. 4.4 _20220801.tgz of EMC from Welcome. Then, I installed perl program, and three environment variables eg. EMC_ROOT and PATH are also set.
First, I use the command line: perl seup.esh to calculate setup.esh in the v9.4.4\examples\setup\chemistry\bulk folder. The build.emc and files are generated normally. However, when I used the command: emc_wim32 build.emc for its data file, no data file was generated and I was prompted with an error as following, Warning: no angle coefficients found for [oh1:c4:os].
Warning: no torsion coefficients found for [ho:oh1:c4:os].
Error: core/script/field/entry.c:641 ScriptFieldEntryApply:
Missing force field parameters.
Program aborted.
So, I’m not sure how do I solve this problem now!
In additon, where am I supposed to find these angle coefficients and torsion coefficients?