Thermal conductance of a Lennard-Jones Liquid-Solid interface

Dear all,

I am new to Lammps and have recently been playing around with the thermal conductivity feature to draw comparison to some home-brew simulations I have been running. Ultimately however I am interested in being able to look at the Thermal Conductance of various interfaces.

As an initial test I would like to simulate a slab of Lennard-Jones solid, surrounded by a liquid Lennard-Jones species and measure the thermal conductance associated to the inter-face.

My question is, does Lammps have the capability of calculating this quantity and if so, whether anyone has a sample input file for a similar test scenario.

Many thanks in advance, Jeff.

Section 6.20 of the manual overviews several methods
in LAMMPS for computing thermal conductivities. You'd
have to think about how to apply them to an interface.
Maybe using 2 fix heat baths on either side of the interface.