Topological data

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In the electronic structure part of compounds there is a tag for “Topological Classification”. I am wondering if this data can be added to properties of query?

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I am looking for the same property, are you able to do that?

I’m also curious. Is this planned to be added to the API? @mkhorton

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First, just to be clear and give credit where it’s due, the topological information currently on Materials Project comes to us courtesy of the Topological Materials Database. We also have an internal effort to calculate topological information led by @munrojm but this does not yet have an API.

Since we don’t currently have this available via the API, if the information from the Topological Materials Database is useful to anyone in bulk form, I recommend contacting them directly.



Hi everyone,

Is this information added to the API? This info will be very useful for me in bulk for a project I’m working on. How can I get this information?