topotools data file writing

Hi everyone,

I am working on silicon crystal modeling I built the model using Avogadro and to convert it to data file I used Topotools. on Topotools I followed all tutorial steps but I couldn’t find the data file I created it. seemed like Topotools didn’t create the data file for some reasons I don’t know about. could you please advice me on this issue?

two comments:

1) topotools is a VMD plugin, so the proper mailing list is the VMD-l
mailing list, not the LAMMPS list.

2) there is not enough information here to give any recommendation.
how can we know, that you actually did everything correctly? if there
is a problem, this will typically cause some error messages somewhere.
you don't name your platform, version of software and OS, steps to
reproduce the issue and so on.

topotools works fine for me and as advertised, so there must be a
mistake on your side. since i cannot read minds, i cannot tell you