Tribchem: "Fixing" some issues in atomate

In of tribchem, I noticed the following description here:

“Fixing” some issues in atomate

Atomate supplies a bunch of Fireworks and workflows that are used in TribChem. However, there are some bugs or maybe incomplete features, as it is quite commong for scientific software. At the time of writing, the only thing to change is to slightly change the OptimizeFW and StaticFW Fireworks in atomate.vasp.fireworks.core to automatically copy the vdw_kernel.bindat of VASP to the execution directory if the vdw parameter in the vasp input set passed to the Firework is not None. For that you have to add vdw_kernel_dir=VDW_KERNEL_DIR, in def __init__ before **kwargs and copy the following lines before t.append(RunVaspCustodian(..., in the same manner that it is already done for ScanOptimizeFW:

# Copy the pre-compiled VdW kernel for VASP, if required
if vasp_input_set.vdw is not None:

It bothers me. Is this a bug in atomate or a designed feature?

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