Turning off output

Sure there is. You can turn off output completely using command line
options "-log none -screen none" If you want to see thermo output
from each "run 0", you will have to use a print the data yourself. The
print command only prints to screen or log. The fix print command does
not print at timestep 0. But you can still do:

variable myt equal temp
shell echo ${myt}

Also, the run command has some keywords that allow you to eliminate
certain initialization and finalization operations.


The pre no setting on run should eliminate the KSpace setup info.

E.g. if I run the attached bench/in.rhodo script (modified), I get the output

The only extraneous info is the Loop time line. I suppose that could
be eliminated. However note that each “run” of 1 timestep (in this case)
also prints the initial and final thermo info, so it appears as if

each timestep is there twice. The Loop time values serve to indicate

what is really happening. If Loop time were only printed once
at the end (with run post yes), then the final time would only reflect the
timing for the last 1-step run.


in.rhodo (874 Bytes)

log.lammps (11.2 KB)