tutorial for running moltemplate in windows (+cygwin)


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   Yanqing Fu created a tutorial for running moltemplate in windows:


Note: moltemplate's "-vmd" option does not work with cygwin/windows.
Instead, you will have to follow the instructions in section 4.5 of
the moltemplate manual to look at your molecules using VMD. (I
attached some instructions "README_visualize.txt")

Note: Please download the latest version of moltemplate. That
tutorial suggests that you download a specific version of moltemplate
which will soon be outdated
Please download the latest version instead.



On Sat, Jul 12, 2014 at 5:30 AM,

README_visualize.txt (2.85 KB)

Can you please guide me on how to install your software on my window? I am a
research student working on molecular dynamics and would like to use your
software as my preprocessing tool to build my lammps input script (data
file). I have not figured out how to install and use it.

To use moltemplate (and also LAMMPS), you should install the BASH
shell (terminal). Recently, features were added to Windows10 to make
this easier. If you are using Windows10, then I recommend trying

Currently, you must register with Microsoft for a "developer account"
in order to download this software. (Hopefully that requirement will
change in the near future.)

If that does not work, or you are using an older version of windows,
then try this tutorial:

  You will need to edit your PATH environment variable using a
text-editor (as explained in the "Installation" chapter of the

  You will need to learn how to use a unix-like (mac/linux compatible)
text editor. Both moltemplate and LAMMPS cannot read the files
created with programs like WORD, Wordpad, or (probably) Notepad.
Popular text editors which will work include: emacs, xemacs, vi, vim,
jove, nano. A long list of text-editors is available here:

I hope this gets you started.