Uniaxial Compression Test in Soils (Granular Materials)

Hi Kohlmeyer,

Good evening, i am feeling great after receiving a prompt reply from a MD genius like you. In http://lammps.sandia.gov/download.html page both serial and parallel windows executable are of 12 April 2013 version. Is there anyway that, i can get/download latest windows serial executable? or i need to built my own lammps executable using source tarball.

Thanks in advance.

Sharif Islam

The LAMMPS download page also has a link to a Windows
installer. I think that machinery gives you a much more
current version. It includes the granular package.


Steve and Axel,

I tried lmp_serial executable (22 December 2014 version, which is the latest version) i got from http://rpm.lammps.org/windows.html and it comes up with error “Can not use region INF or EDGE when box does not exist”

with the same script i tried lmp_win_no-mpi executable (12 April 2013 version) and it comes up with error “too many touching neighbors-boost MAXTOUCH”.

Same input scripts came up with two different error message with two different version of executable. From that point, i got totally confused. Please give me some advise.


Sharif Islam

The two versions are 18 months apart. The code changed inbetween.

Only use the latest version. The error message sounds like you
are defining a region with INF or EDGE before you have defined
the simulation box. As it says, you can’t do that. B/c LAMMPS
doesn’t know where the EDGE is.