Unknown pair style

Dear Lammps users,

When I was running my code at a remote computer, it was aborted with the error: “Unknown pair style eam/alloy (…/force.cpp:246)”. I have followed the instruction on the manual, installing MANYBODY package and running command “make mpi”, but the error still exists. When I used command “mpirun -np 8 /opt/lammps/bin/lmp_intel -help”, I found that the “eam” was not in the pair style. Do I miss some steps in this progress, or it might be due to other reasons? How can I solve this problem?

Installing manybody package should just be “make yes-manybody”. You say you are using “make mpi”, but then you are using “lmp_intel”. You should instead be using “lmp_mpi” to match “make mpi”. If you use “make intel” then you would get “lmp_intel”. In other words the name of the Makefile is copied to the LAMMPS executable.