Unrecognized pair_style 'reax/c' while running a simulation in Google Collab

Dear All,

I ran a piece of code on Google Collab after successfully installing LAMMPS on it using the cmake option. I used the 29th October tar file to do the same.
I am getting an error statement that says ‘unrecognized pair_style ‘reax/c’ is part of the USER-REAXC package which is not enabled in this LAMMPS binary.’ (Snap attached)

I would really appreciate it if anyone can come up with some suggestions for this issue.

You snapshot doesn’t show which command(s) you used to compile LAMMPS.

When you run lmp -h it will give you a summary of command line options but then a list of included settings, packages and individual styles. As the error message indicates, this does not seem to include the USER-REAXC package (now called REAXFF in the most recent LAMMPS version and the online docs) which means that you didn’t specify it when compiling LAMMPS.