Upgrading to NOMAD Oasis v1.1.3 without Docker (Bare Linux)

After installing v1.1.1 last time, I tried to upgrade to v1.1.3 today. Now the GUI is blank: NOMAD I don’t see any problems in nomad.app.log or nomad.processing.log.

It looks like the site references /fairdi/nomad/latest, not sure where that comes from. But I also don’t know if it was different before. Did something change since v1.1.1 that might have caused this?

A possible cause is that the new gui installed by the update was not configured to your nomad.yaml.

I just did this myself to reproduce your problem and re-configuring the gui helped.
The update (I assume you used pip) removes the old gui (with the rest of the nomad-lab package) and puts in a new one. This one needs to be configured to the settings in your nomad.yaml. You have to rerun the command from the install instructions

python -m nomad.cli admin ops gui-config

This command replaces the default path /fairdi/nomad/latest with the path from your nomad.yaml (e.g. /nomad-oasis) in the installed gui code.

If you already did all this, please check the results of gui-config. In your python environment (e.g. nomadpyenv) the original gui lib/python3.7/site-packages/nomad/app/static/gui should have been copied to lib/python3.7/site-packages/nomad/app/static/.gui_configured. The index.html and env.js in .gui_configured should use the right path.

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Forgot about ops gui-config. It works now. Thanks!