Uploading new CIF file

How can I upload my new CIF file

Hello @manabolu,

You can upload your cif file by dragging your .cif files and dropping it on this page:



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Thanks george , I am able drag and add my cif file at crystal tool kit. but it reads the file in note pad; can you help me how can i run my cif file in material org

It appears like you have dragged and dropped the cif file on a wrong location on your browser.

Please make sure that the drop is within the tab “Drag files here”

It will show a change in color from dull gray to green when you do this. Then drop it.

(For example it will look like this. Look at the drop location!!!)

I hope this solves your issue.


Dear George

when move my cif file it is give cif is not supporting, does i need to change my cif file format as per materialproject.org formate , if so how can i convert it

Dear @manabolu

Cif format is a universal format and materials project does not have a separate cif format.

Your error looks like your file is corrupted. Please check the structure through visualization softwares like VESTA or CRYSTALMAKER and export it in the cif format. And use these exported cif files.

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