Use of -p partition command


I am trying to use the partition command to submit multiple jobs using
single script in our central facility cluster, where minimum cores we can
use is 32 cores. Using -p command gives me error.

Here is the command:
mpiexec -genv I_MPI_FABRICS shm:ofa -genv I_MPI_DEVICE rdma -ppn 16 -np 32
./lmp_linux-taa -screen none -p 4X8 -in Shear_soft_jam_loop.inp -log none
-var Deltagamma 0.000000000005 -var iteration 10 -var Pgam 5 -var Piter
100000 -var filetag sjpjam

error :
ERROR: Processor partitions are inconsistent (lammps.cpp:174)

i am also attaching the lammps script.

Is there any reasons why this is not working.


Shear_soft_jam_loop.inp (2.19 KB)