USER-CUDA and granular simulations

Hello to all,

I’m trying to run a granular simulation with the USER-CUDA package, the atom_style sphere and the fix nve/sphere are not present in the USER-CUDA package, but the pair_style gran/hooke is present. Searching in an old version of gpulammps from (which is not currently on line), I found that the atom_style granular/cuda and fix nve/sphere were included in the USER-CUDA package.

Is anyone planning to migrate this old code to the latest version of LAMMPS?

Is there any plans to port the GRANULAR package to the GPU package?

Thanks to all.

That is a good question for Christian.


Hello to all,

I was able to migrate the code (a couple of weeks ago and I forgot to post the mail in the list) and run the example chute from the old gpulammps version into the new USER-CUDA package. Thanks anyway.