using lammps as a shared library with c++

for a research project i have to simulate particle breaking into given number of sub particles with co ordinates within the Big sphere which breaks and the voids present between it and neighbouring atoms.

I went through the lammps site and i used the make mode=shlib ubuntu command .This produces lot of warnings in between.But still it compiles and produces a ‘share library soft link’.

However i dont know how to proceed in linking this library as when i put

$make install

or $sudo make install

after make mode command it doesnt work.And when i use the ./configure command

in my ubuntu 14.04 it says command doesnt exist.

Also i used the $export ADD_LIBRARY_PATH command but nothing works.

So how do i link the library to my c++ code.

Also can any function directly pack spheres even in voids along with main major space and give info on neighbouring atoms.


thank you


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To link to the library make sure you put it somewhere that is in your LD_LIBRARY_PATH and then link your application to it using the “-llammps” flag during linking.