Using LAMMPS on Cloud Supercomputers

Hi, This is a very useful project.

Thx for introducing us to Kogence.
I tried running some kappa models on your site.
Stranegely, code runs well on 128core node but crashes on 16core node.
Any idea what is wrong?
I tried using Octave to do some 3D graphics.
But I am not being able to connect to interactive graphics. Can you help.


Dear Rajeev:
If model is running well on 128 core node then it should run fine on all other nodes.
Can you use the “Collaborate” tab on kogence and share your model privately with [email protected]…7010….
I would fix the issues and revert it back private to you.

First time you fire a node, it takes about 1.5minutes for interactive display to get active. Next time you fire a simulation on same node, it will come instantaneously. Also, note that your simulations do not stop/break if you close your browser or shut your machine. You can always reconnect to visualization as long as your job has not finished.


We take care of openMP and openMPI behind the scenes for you. You should simply select LAMMPS from software drop down and 128core instance from machine dropdown. You should not give your own mpirun wrapper. I have fixed your commands. Let me know if this works for you.