Vasprun having problems parsing Vasp 6.3 vasprun.xml files with ML on?

I noticed that Vasprun is not reading in correctly a molecular dynamics trajectory from a vasp 6.30 calculation when machine learning is used. Vasp only seems to import the ab-initio steps and ignores all of the machine learning steps. In the example, I used a 100 MD steps and vasprun.nionic_steps is 20 while “!grep -c ‘forces’ vasprun.xml” yields a count of 100 steps (as expected). I have attached the vasprun.xml file as well as the XDATCAR from an example simulation with 80 atoms. Is this something that can be fixed?

vasprun.xml.gz (301.5 KB)
XDATCAR.gz (12.1 KB)

Same issue. Is anyone working on a fix or know of a work around?