visual studio errors

Hi, Steve and Eugeny,

our Windows project for Visual Studio
stopped compiling becase there were changes in the composition
of the LAMMPS main source
(some files were removed ans some added)
since we prepared the project.

Now we (me and Igor Morozov) have almost finished the updated Windows project which will
work similarly to LAMMPS Unix makefile (allowing one to chose packages for
installation/deinstallation). This project will selelect files basing on their
names (same as LAMMPS makefiles does), so hopefully there will be no need
to change Windows projects with each new LAMMPS release. There will also be some fixes
for newer VS versions (originally we used VS 2005).
We plan to send this new version to Steve
at the end of the next week.


Is there any news about the VS project?

Thanks for doing This!

no new news.