Visualization of change of force magnitude

Hi. In Ovito, there’s a displacement modifier to export the particle displacement magnitude and visualize the change via colour coding. I’m wondering can we do the same to the force of the particles? For example, the dump file has force z information of the particle, and I want to visualize the change with reference to first frame. I try to visualize the force z from LAMMPS dump file directly, however, since the magnitude are similar among all the particles, all particles have similar colour.



In OVITO Basic you can use a combination of two modifiers: the Freeze Property Modifier and the Compute property modifier.
First, apply the Freeze Property Modifier, which allows you to retain the force values of particles from the first frame across the entire animation. Essentially, it creates a consistent reference point for comparison. Then, use the Compute Property Modifier to calculate the difference between the force magnitude values in each subsequent frame and the ‘frozen’ values from the first frame.

Dear Kalcher,

I’m truly sorry for the late reply, but following your suggestion I manage to visualize the change in force magnitude. Thanks!

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