Visualizing custom colors for dislocations in Ovito


I have applied certain colors to dislocations using the custom_color option exposed by the ( — OVITO Python Reference 3.9.2 documentation).

After exporting the file in .ca format, how would I go about visualizing the dislocation lines using the custom color which I have applied in Ovito?

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Unfortunately, the .ca file format does not save color information for individual dislocations. What you would have to do is to assign the colors at runtime, e.g., with a Python modifier in OVITO Pro after having imported the .ca file.

Could you kindly direct me towards such a sample script which would modify the color of the dislocation lines. Which property would I need to modify for the dislocations?

You would do it in the same way you have already done it, just within the scope of a Python Script modifier in the Desktop application OVITO Pro.
(You already posted the link to a code example you can use above).