Visualizing von Mises stress during nanoindentation simulations

I’m interested in analyzing and visualizing von Mises stress during nanoindentation simulations. I’ve implemented the following lines in my LAMMPS script but I’m struggling to visualize the von Mises stress near the indentation zone. Are there any additional commands or methods that could enhance stress visualization?

variable p1 equal “-pxx/10000”
variable p2 equal “-pyy/10000”
variable p3 equal “-pzz/10000”
variable p4 equal “-pxy/10000”
variable p5 equal “-pyz/10000”
variable p6 equal “-pxz/10000”

variable vonM_s equal sqrt(((v_p1-v_p2)^2+(v_p2-v_p3)^2+(v_p3-v_p1)^2+6*(v_p4^2+v_p5^2+v_p6^2))/2)
variable von atom sqrt(((c_stress[1]-c_stress[2])^2+(c_stress[2]-c_stress[3])^2+(c_stress[3]-c_stress[1])^2+6*(c_stress[4]^2+c_stress[5]^2+c_stress[6]^2))/2)

dump 1 all custom 500 dump.indent_loading.*.custom id type v_von

What do you mean by that?

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