Want to create a list of All possible combination of ABO3 upto Cu-atom

Dear User,

I have to create a list of all possible compound in the form of ABO3. Where O is oxygen and A and B can be from these list.
from periodictable import formula
A = [‘H’,‘Li’,‘B’,‘C’,‘N’,‘O’,‘F’,‘Na’,‘Mg’,‘Al’,‘Si’,‘P’,‘S’,‘Cl’, ‘K’, ‘Ca’, ‘Sc’,‘Ti’,‘V’,‘Cr’,‘Mn’,‘Fe’,‘Co’,‘Ni’,‘Cu’,‘Zn’,‘Ga’,‘Ge’,‘As’,‘Se’,‘Br’]
B = [‘H’,‘Li’,‘B’,‘C’,‘N’,‘O’,‘F’,‘Na’,‘Mg’,‘Al’,‘Si’,‘P’,‘S’,‘Cl’, ‘K’, ‘Ca’, ‘Sc’,‘Ti’,‘V’,‘Cr’,‘Mn’,‘Fe’,‘Co’,‘Ni’,‘Cu’,‘Zn’,‘Ga’,‘Ge’,‘As’,‘Se’,‘Br’]
print(formula( [ (1,[A]), (1,[B]), (3,O)] ))

Further I want to create a matrix (jupyter notebook) or an excel file where I can call the data like Oxidation state, electron affinity, mass, density etc.

Any suggestion or lead will be highly appreciated.

Thanks and regards
Neelesh G.