Where are ghost particles stored? (noob question)

I’m trying to get an understanding of how LAMMPS runs in parallel, and as such I’ve been reading through the source code (specifically the Comm classes) and the wiki a lot. One thing I feel stuck on (and must be missing something) is where ghost particles are stored and if/how they are marked as such?

They are in the regular arrays (x, v, f, tag, etc.).

The distinction is that particles from 0 to atom->nlocal are “owned” atoms and from atom->nlocal to atom->nlocal + atom->nghost are ghost atoms. In many places in the code you’ll see: int nall = atom->nlocal + atom->nghost;

Per-atom arrays (unless they are explicitly only for “owned” atoms) are usually allocated to atom->nmax (which is the MAX() of nlocal+nghost across all MPI ranks).

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