Why cannot get groupspace using the Materials Project API?

Dear users and developers,

I’d like to get spacegroup,magnetic ordering, and total magnetization by using the Materials Project API with this:

from pymatgen.ext.matproj import MPRester
import pandas as pd
from flatten_dict import flatten
fields = [
“ordering”, ‘formula_pretty’, ‘material_id’, “spacegroup”, ‘total_magnetization’
with MPRester(“xxx”) as mpr:
docs = mpr.materials.summary.search(elements = [“Ti”],
flattened = [{
k: v
for k, v in flatten(doc.dict(), reducer=“dot”).items()
if k != “fields_not_requested”
} for doc in docs]
df = pd.DataFrame.from_records(flattened)
df = df.drop(columns=[col for col in df if col not in fields])

However, the csv file got “ordering”, ‘formula_pretty’, ‘material_id’, ‘total_magnetization’, it just doesnot have “spacegroup”

Is there anything wrong? I’ve tried “spacegroup”,“spacegroup_symbol” and “spacegroup.symbol”, but didn’t work.
Please help me with that.
Thanks a lot


You can get the structure (add “structure” in fields) and then get the space group with doc.structure.get_space_group_info(). Alternatively, you can ask for “symmetry” and then get symmetry.symbol and symmetry.number.

Hope this helps!


thank you very much, it works!