Windows LAMMPS....

Dear All,

I am trying to work on LAMMPS. LAMMPS didn't work on my window 8.
Everybody suggested me to switch to LINUX. Our computer programmer
said that to install LINUX you have to install windows again so that you
can leave some space for LINUX. I don't have cd to reinstall window 8
again. So, I have to switch to window LAMMPS.
I know here are many persons who are using windows. Please help me
I wrote here many times that my cmd doesn't pick my input script file.
cmd doesn't show any error message. My lmp executable and input script is in the
same directory. I don't understand what is the problem.
Can anyone of you give me input script so that I can run that one and check where is the
The input script which I was using I copied it from tutorials and saved as a text document.

Please many number of persons are using this. Please come up and help me.
I am requesting everybody from last 15- 20 days........

Gurpreet Dhindsa.

Dear Gurpreet,

There have been many people who have answered your questions in the past “15-20 days” (actually, the first email I see from you is from Novermber 11 = 10 days -> assumes you are referring only to help from the group).

However, here are a few comments on your problem (some parts are from some of your earlier emails):

  1. As far as I know, LAMMPS works fine on Windows 8 and I am assuming you installed LAMMPS correctly. As such, if the example scripts aren’t working, it probably is not because of LAMMPS and it is not going to help if we send you a different script that we make for you. As part of the process, you should learn to make your own input scripts anyway.

  2. You do not seem to be very familiar with Windows in general. For starters, if you don’t know the full path to something, then navigate there in your folder browser where you can copy the full directory path to use with the cd command. Alternatively, you can open the folder and right-click while holding shift where you can select open command prompt (this is a Windows 7 feature but doubt they would remove it) to open the command prompt in the current location.

  3. Installing LINUX (at least in my experience) should not require you reinstall Windows. Assuming you want to dual boot (as opposed to a virtual machine), it is quite possible to use software to change your Windows partition size and install your chosen LINUX OS on the newly freed space. However, you may need to do some boot order tinkering to get both to work properly. I suggest that you read a few of the multitude of guides to do this before attempting because you can end up with a system that won’t start at all. Alternatively, you can run some LINUX OS versions from a USB drive and never touch your Windows install.

  4. I believe the default windows LAMMPS executables names are lmp_mpi and lmp_serial, so you may want to verify your executable file name.

  5. You may wish to find someone that has actually used LAMMPS or is at least familiar with running text based programs and ask for their assistance.

Hope that helps :slight_smile: