write_dump: Could not find thermo variable name

Dear all

I was running a simulation in LAMMPS windows installer package MPI enabled. While doing so, the simulation stopped signalling error “Could not find thermo variable name” on encountering the line in source code “write_dump all custom dump.intermdte id type x y z ix iy iz modify sort id”. When this line was commented every thing went fine. This dump occurs in the source code after a minimization and an NPT equilibration. Could you please help me to fix the problem?

Thank you
Jeeno Jose

The code run properly in a supercluster with the write_dump command. !!! But doesn’t run in LAMMPS serial or mpi of windows installer packages in my PC.

from looking through the source code it is evident, that the error
message you quote *cannot* be caused by the write_dump command (it
would show, if a thermo_style custom references a variable that has
since been deleted). thus first you need to confirm that it is in fact
this one line that causes the error message and not something else. so
please take a simple example from the LAMMPS distribution, e.g.
examples/melt/in.melt and add the write_dump command and see if the
exact same error message still shows.

if yes, please check if your LAMMPS version is up-to-date. if not,
please download and install the latest version and try again.