Yukawa potential and radius of particle

Hello sir

I want to use Yukawa’s potential effectiveness for diameter-changing particles. When I used it between moving particles, due to diameter change there is a change in simulation output, but there is no change when between moving and static particles, and the diameter of static particles having no effect?
I am using an atom_style sphere and set the diameter and density by set command

Are you using pair style yukawa or yukawa/colloid?

i am using pair style yukawa E= A(e-kr)/r

Then why do you expect that setting the particle diameter has any impact on the interaction energy?
Where does the diameter enter in the potential function? Is there any mention in the documentation of the yukawa pair style of particle diameter or radius? or a requirement on atom style sphere?

You will see a difference for moving particles not because of the yukawa potential, but because setting/changing the diameter and density changes the particle mass and that, of course, changes the dynamics, but the potential energy is unchanged.

This is what the documentation says and thus what LAMMPS does.

Thank you, it ll be ok