Docs for pymatgen-diffusion out of date

Hi all,
I wanted to point out a couple of things. First the docs for pymatgen_diffusion on seem to be out of date (a copyright date of 2016) shows up and packages such as pymatgen_diffusion.aimd.rdf module seem to be undefined. Can this be fixed?

The second topic regards the anaconda install of pymatgen_diffusion. Using anaconda (on linux) to install pymatgen_diffusion appears to be missing a dependency joblib. Attempting to run the example notebook pymatgen-diffusion/examples/radial_distribution_function.ipynb, results in the error that joblib cannot be found. A manual install using conda fixed this problem, but perhaps it should be fixed elsewhere as well.

from pymatgen_diffusion.aimd.rdf import
RadialDistributionFunction, RadialDistributionFunctionFast
from monty.serialization import loadfn
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
%matplotlib inline

I wanted to offer an update that after downloading the docs for pymatgen-diffusion from github, it became clear that there is not detailed RDF function in the documentation even when downloaded from github.

Tagging @Shyue_Ping_Ong here as maintainer of pymatgen-diffusion.

Thanks for reporting this. The docs have just been updated.

Thank you for the update. I thought I would point out on the 2020.10.8 documentation pages, the link pymatgen_diffusion.utils package and related APIs leads to a 404 error. The other API documention on the page is fine though.