Documentation Problems

Admittedly, I am newcomer to Atomate, and am intrigued by its possibilities, but it appears that much of the documentation is broken. In particular, attempting to see details of vasp.examples at (atomate.vasp.examples package — atomate 0.9.8 documentation), there is apparently no content below the top level accessible. As another example, take the atomate.vasp.workflows.presets package at (atomate.vasp.workflows.presets package — atomate 0.9.8 documentation). There are apparently no live links accessible below the top level. I would be very grateful if more documentation on predefined workflows were available as I have finished setting up atomate following the online tutorial, but am at a loss about how to utilized the predefined workflows. At this point, defining my own workflows would seem to be a secondary option in that it would be more effective to learn the workflow paradigms from the aforementioned examples. Please fix the links! Thanks.

I have run into the same problem. However, the source code is available to view on Github, and I was able to find some helpful things there. I found the following portions of the code to be useful:

atomate/atomate/vasp/workflows/base at main · hackingmaterials/atomate · GitHub