Export all search results in Excel format


I got about 1,500 research results but can only export 500 into Excel through Website. Are there any way to export all the results from Website?

If API is the only way can you explain how to do it?

Many thanks!


There is not currently a way through the website interface to export all search results, including those not shown. I intend to implement this at some point.

To concretely solve your issue now through an API call, describe your search to me, and I will explain how to do it.

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Thanks mate,

I managed to get what I want by dividing the research into small groups by densities.

My search is:

  1. compound include Li
  2. Energy above hull is 0

I will be appreciated If you can explain how to do it in API.

Many thanks.

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Does export button work in the website now?

When I click it I get the option to choose between csv and excel, but nothing happens thereafter?